The chairman's note

Drunk carpet of the world,To strengthen the human。In extraordinary times,We decorate her with flowers and smile;In the struggle of difficulties and challenge,We use the most full of passion to welcome a new day。As a member company,I am honored to be with the best time in her life。

Looking back the past,Thirteen years elegance achievements、Thirteen years of trials and hardships,Lijiang dongba valley ecological culture tourism co., LTD., every bit of progress growth cannot leave the social from all walks of life friend's care and help、Leave the industry experts to encourage and spur,More from the trust of our customers。To this,We will perpetuate the gratitude。

It is today,We have ushered in the era of unprecedented prosperity and development of economic globalization,The global cultural tourismDevelopment is our strong support toward poetry into the distance。The success of the enterprise's value and significance is not at that time,But continue to create economic value at the same time to create more social value。Our service purpose is trying to make every customer enjoy the omni-directional high-quality service,We give each visitor will be a wonderful memory in life。

After decades of accumulation of precipitation,Lijiang dongba valley ecological culture tourism co., LTD. Has formed the collectivization management pattern,Now administer a country wholly owned4AScenic areas—Lijiang dongba valley ecological ethnic village,Two holding companies,Are respectively—Lijiang lishui sands performing arts co., LTD、Yunnan ethnic YinWenHua tourism co., LTD,Company wholly-owned enterprises actual holding people——Lijiang nature travel co., LTD,Has formed the cultural scenic spots and cultural trend of the industry go hand in hand。Company has the outstanding of scenic spot construction and operation management team,More experience of successful operation of large tourism performing arts programs,Thirteen years of successful operations《Lishui sands》Lijiang is the longest operating time、The most popular with tourists in the performing arts programs;The spirit of our staff have not scratched,《Family of print·In the post》Has been in2016Years12Month8Officially,Truly created70Days to create a miracle of the performing arts show and myth。We have such a team,Lijiang dongba valley is our the pride of the ecological culture tourism co., LTD。I firmly believe that,Have they pay and effort,Lijiang dongba valley ecological culture tourism co., LTD. Will be more powerful。

Looking to the future,We will shoulder the lijiang Wen Xing brigade of the glorious mission,To meet the challenge of the more arduous!The company will hold the doctrine of the mean Confucian、For more than an attitude,Good faith、By heart、Bold、Innovation;Company management practices,People-oriented,Has gathered many excellent talents cultural tourism industry,Pay more attention to the cultivation of the talent,Here you are,Our every employee can be found“Home”Feeling。At this point,We will provide the service is supreme principle,Stick to it“The brand strategy、Service to cheng”Guidelines,Based on the long term,Is dedicated to every visitors to provide more quality services。And roll out、Optimization of new products,With firm faith,Feet on the ground,Forge ahead,Efforts to create worthy customers、Excellent grades worthy of the society and times。

Sweep,The hero。As long as we continue to innovation,No immediate interests to sell in the future,Insist is committed to cultural tourism brand construction,Transformed,An unyielding,We will be able to create a new future,Create beautiful future, tourism。


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The dongba god court early in the morningDongba valley of god

The dongba god courtyard, as usual, good early in the morning。

On the tool holderLisu stronghold

Lisu stronghold——Lijiang dongba valley

Mosuo people

To enter“Mosuo people”The stronghold,Is presented in front of us“A screen wall three lanes”The type of the yard,The right hand side sit west toward the east of the buildings“Wing”,Also called oratory;The south of the building“Dormitory building”,Also called“Flowers floor”,Upstairs is for when the marriage age of women receiving a“Walking marriages”Place,There are several age of women have a few“Greenhouses”。

Street craftsmenStreet craftsmenStreet craftsmen

Street craftsmen

M home

M home

Yi he retentionYi's youth

National squareNational squareNational squareNational square

National square

    Lishui sands
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